Saturday, January 27, 2007


At a pledge initiation, Keith and AJ are asked to find a stripper for the frat party. They borrow a car from an unpopular student who wants to hang out with them, and head off to the bad part of town. There they encounter an uber spooky Grace Jones as a stripper who is also a vampire - as if Grace isn't scary enough in real life. Grace is super creepy, even in her stripper/art performance, and the club is not what it seems.

Other things worth mentioning: Billy Drago as Snow, the dirtbag albino gang leader, and the little girl who hangs off the gang members arm as he swings her wildly around in a panic.

I Was a Teenage Movie Maker

Excellent documentary about Don Glut, who made amateur monster, superhero, and dinosaur movies as a kid/teenager/college student. From 1953 - 1969, Glut made 41 movies, which are all found, along with the documentary, on this two disk set.

Glut still has many of the props and costumes that were used to make his movies. Plus he tells us how he did some special effects that are truly remarkable, considering he was a kid shooting films in his parents basement. His ingenuity and passion for making movies led him to USC to study film, and contributed to his getting to know people like Bob Burns and Glen Strange (who played the Frankenstein monster after Karloff grew tired of it) both of whom appeared in his student films!

Truly fascinating for anyone who has an interest in 16mm amateur film making, or how kids used to make movies before the age of computers and camcorders.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hell Squad

After an ambassador's son is kidnapped by terrorists, a US agent recruits a group of Las Vegas show girls to rescue him. The girls train to become elite military commandos, even though they are not told what their mission is, and have only a few days to become the best troop ever deployed from the camp.

Once overseas, they soak in a giant hot tub, kill random groups of men in fatigues, and drive around the desert in Jeeps without messing up their hair, makeup, or what little clothes they are wearing. The endless footage of the girls in the tub and standing in the Jeep become tedious, and your brain will involuntarily shut down. Please note, they are wearing high heeled boots and hot the desert....on a top secret rescue mission.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bad Movie Night

Every week my friends and I watch bad movies. The only problem is the movies are usually so bad that my brain chooses not to remember what I've watched. The only way to avoid these pieces of prime schlock is to keep track of what I've seen. So posts will be a brief synopsis for each movie to make sure I don't accidentally watch them again.